Structure of Atom:

Structure of Atom:
All Atoms are composed of three basic particles.
1. Proton : Has a positive charge and is relatively heavy.
2. Neutron : About the same size and weight as the proton but has no electrical charge.
3. Electron : Very light particle about 1/1840 of the weight of a proton it has a negative charge.
The number of the particle determines the kind of atoms it is.
There are over 100 different kind of atoms know and they are called elements and given a name oxygen, copper and lead and some common element.
Element or combinations of elements ( Molecules) from all the things we see every day living.
For example there are billions of atoms in the tips of a pencil with over 99.99 % of each atoms being empty space.
A very simple atom is that of the element Helium.

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