Post Emulsifiable Penetration System

Post emulsifiable Penetration System:

Post emulsifiable lipophilic/ hydrophilic   methods  are  formulated  to  maximize   penetrating  and  visibility characteristics.    They  do  not  contain  any  emulsifying  agent in penetrant   and  cannot  be  completely  removed  with  plain  water.

Post emulsifiable lipophilic: Removal  is  made  possible  by  applying  an  emulsifier  in  a  separate  process  step after dwell time for penetrant.    This  converts  the  excess  surface penetrant into an water washable penetrant . This emulsifier uses diffusion method to convert penetrant in to water washable.

Post Emulsifiable Hydrophilic Method: The  hydrophilic postemulsifiable, method also uses penetrants requiring a separate emulsifier.  The penetrants are the same  as  those  used  in  the  lipophilic  method.    The  difference  between  hydrophilic  and  lipophilic  methods  is  in  the emulsifiers.    Hydrophilic  emulsifiers  are  water  soluble  emulsifiers  and  actually  remove  excess  surface  penetrant  by means of a scrubbing  action rather than diffusion action.

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