Introduction of the Magnetic Field

The required magnetic field can be introduced into a component in a number of different ways.

1.Using a permanent magnet or an electromagnet that contacts the test piece

2.Flowing an electrical current through the specimen

3.Flowing an electrical current through a coil of wire around the part or through a central conductor running near the part.

Detection of leakage field :

Detection of leakage field :
Finely divided iron particles are used for detection of leakage field. Leakage  field at the surface collects and hold the iron particles together to form visible indication patterns.

  • Flaws at or near the surface disturb the magnetic flux flow and produce leakage field at surface above the flaw.
  • Magnetic particle build up at the leakage field produces recognizable patterns which are interpreted.
  • Color of the particles must be chosen to provide adequate contrast against the part’s natural color.