Magnetic Particle Testing

  • When a ferromagnetic material is magnetised the flux lines flow inside the component

  • When there is a discontinuity in the material there is flux leakage

  • The leaking flux attracts a magnetic medium resulting in an indication.

Step in Solvent removable method.

5. Inspection:

Inspection  with visible dye penetrant  with minimum whate light intensity 100 foot-candles or 1100 lux  shall follow. Ultraviolet (UV-A) radiation of minimum intensity 1,000 micro-watts per centimeter squared is common, along with low ambient light levels (less than 2 foot-candles) for fluorescent penetrant examinations. Inspection of the test surface should take place after 10- to 30-minute development time, and is dependent on the penetrant and developer used. This time delay allows the blotting action to occur. The inspector may observe the sample for indication formation when using visible dye. It is also good practice to observe indications as they form because the characteristics of the bleed out are a significant part of interpretation characterization of flaws.

6. Post Cleaning:

The test surface is often cleaned after inspection and recording of defects, especially if post-inspection coating processes are recommended as per PT procedure.

Penetrant test method

Penetrant Classification System
Penetrants Type:
Type 1 Fluorescent Dye
Type 2 Visible (Red) Dye

Removal Method:
Method A Water Washable
Method B Post Emulsifiable, lipophilic (oil base)
Method C Solvent
Method D Post Emulsifiable, hydrophilic (water base)

Class 1 Halogenated (non-flammable)
Class 2 Nonhalogenated (flammable)
Class 3 Special Application

Developers Form:
Form a Dry Powder
Form b Water Soluble
Form c Water Suspendable
Form d Nonaqueous Type 1 Fluorescent (solvent based)
Form e Nonaqueous Type 2 Visible (solvent based)
Form f Special Application
Fluorescent Sensitivity*
Level 1/2 Ultra Low
Level 1 Low
Level 2 Medium
Level 3 High
Level 4 Ultra High

NDT Training and Certification in Non Destructive Testing in Pune.


We at Micro NDT provide best in class teaching experience to Engineers, Inspectors, Welding Supervisors and NDT Technicians.

We offer NDT Level 2 Certification in Below Non-Destructive-Testing Methods.

  1. Ultrasonic Testing(UT).
  2. Radiographic Testing(RT).
  3. Magnetic Particle Testing(MPT).
  4. Liquid Penetrant Testing(LPT).

Our Salient Features.

  • NDT Level 2 training provided by ASNT Level 3 NDT Expert having professional & Industrial Experience in Aerospace and heavy engineering Industries.
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  • Excellent Practicals Facilities-Hands on Practicals carried out by every student.
  • Practice Tests arranged after every training Session.

Eligibilty Criteria as per ASNT-SNT-TC -1A -2011 Guide Lines.

Method Education Experience in Method
Liquid Penetrant Testing & Magnetic Particle Testing.Eligibility Requirements as per ASNT Guidelines.  

a) Degree/Diploma in Engineering/Degree in Science/12th Pass/ITI
b) High school graduate or equivalent

Min 4 Months of relevant Experience required.
Radiographic Tesing & Ultrasonic Testing.Eligibility Requirements as per ASNT Guideline  

a) Degree/Diploma in Engineering/Degree in Science12th Pass/ITI
b) High school graduate or equivalent

Min 6 months relevant experience required.


Course Timings and Schedules.

Course timings are flexible as per requirement of candidates.Solely depends on time availability of student. Sat-Sun special batches arranged as per candidates request.

Important points.

  • The training course is based on the guidelines of American Society of Non Destructive testing document no SNT-TC-1A-2011.
  • Candidates required to bring Scientific calculators for RT & UT classes.
  • Dates and hours of training are flexible as per students batches requirements.

Registration, Fees & Study Material.

  • Magnetic Particle Testing = 4000/-
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing  = 4000/-
  • Radiographic Testing        = 7500/-
  • Ultrasonic Testing              = 7500/-
  • Special Discount for Candidates Enrolling for all 4 Courses.

Candidate should submit education and experience certificate, two passports size photographs along with the fees on or before the commencement of particular course.Above Fees Includes study material also.

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